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HEAD: Visage Head Emma V2.3 by SLINK

EYES: Angel Eyes Brown by FLASHY

HAIR: Kaijah hair Vip Group gift by TRUTH

DRESS: Kerry  Dress in 14 colors and lace&bra options on off, available @ BAIASTICE

MESH BODY: Physique Mesh body by SLINK

HANDS&FEET: Flat feet & Dynamic Hands by SLINK

16 Şubat 2019 Cumartesi


SKIN APPLIER: Katherine Skin applier pack for Lelutka Heads 650L by USED ABUSED 
(wearing Lelutka Mesh head in the photos)

EYES: Angel eyes Blue by FLASHY

EYELASHES: Eyelashes pack 9 for Lelutka HEads by USED ABUSED

MAKE UP: Sold seperately for Katherine skin applier @ USED ABUSED

HAIR: Kaijah Hair pack is VIP GROUP GIFT by TRUTH

DRESS: Cutout Midi Dress Red is Free for the gourp members of *COCO DESIGNS*

MESH BODY: Physique Mesh body by SLINK

HANDS&FEET: Dynamic Hands & High Feet by SLINK

SHOES: Claudia Sandals Free for the group members of PURE POISON

11 Şubat 2019 Pazartesi


SKIN APPLIER: Emma Tan Slink Head applier byITGIRLS

MESH HEAD: Visage HEad Emma V2.3 by SLINK

HAIR: Kaijah is TURTH VIP group gift TRUTH HAIR

EYES: Angel Eyes Silver is 1L by FLASHY

LINGERIE: V Sleep Dress Sheer Version includded, is COLLABOR88 exclusive by BAIASTICE

JEWELERY: Fresh Water Pearls set by Pink Acid&Black Bantham

MESH BODY: Physique Mesh Body by SLINK
HANDS&FEET: Dynamic Hands & Avhance High Feet by SLINK

SHOES: Siren Stilettos Nude Pink for high feet by SLINK

4 Şubat 2019 Pazartesi


SKIN APPLIER: Francine Applier For Lelutka Heads by USED ABUSED

EYELASHES: Lelutka eyelashes set 9 by USED ABUSED

HAIR: Josephine hair by LELUTKA

EYES: Romance eyes Brown NEW RELEASE by FLASHY

DRESS: Bodycon Dress ,soo gorgeous, available in 15 colors  @ CUPID INC. EVENT by BAIASTICE

MESH BODY: Physique Mesh body by SLINK

HANDS: Dynamic Hands by SLINK

FEET: Avhance Feet Female high by SLINK

31 Ocak 2019 Perşembe


SKIN APPLIER: Becca tan with hair base, make up and beauty mark option is 990L by ITGIRLS

MESH HEAD: Visage Head Emma V2.3 by SLINK

BODY: Physique Mesh body 1250L by SLINK

HANDS: Dynamic hands 850L by SLINK

HAIR: Pirella Hair pack 100L by USED ABUSED

EYES: Angel Eyes Green by FLASHY

DRESS: Vera Dress is NEW RELAESE by BAIASTICE @ collabor with 50% off 

28 Ocak 2019 Pazartesi


 SKIN: Penelope Skin Applier Pack for Lelutka Heads is 450L by USED ABUSED 

LIPGLOSS: Lips COllection Red pack for Lelutka heads by USED ABUSED

EYES: Angel Eyes Green NEW by FLASHY

HAIR: Ciara Hair is past VIP group gift by TRUTH HAIR

TOP&SKIRT: Farly Blouse 12 colours with Style Hud for each color with solid, sheer, print and print sheer options & Farly  Skirt in 12 colours with two options long and short only available @ uber  by  BAIASTICE

BODY: Physique Mesh body 1250L by SLINK

HANDS: Dynamic Hands 850L by SLINK

FEET: Avhance feet female High by SLINK

SHOES: Fany SHoes in two color options are group gift by MARCHESE

21 Ocak 2019 Pazartesi


SKIN: Katherine Skin applier (I'm wearing tone 30)  650L ( The eyeshadow and the hairbase is includded in the pack) by USED ABUSED (Katherine is for Lelutka  BENTo heads, mine is mesh head by Lelutka) 

LIPSTICK: seperate for Katherine Skin including eyeshadows and lipstick options 

HAIR: Tilemena Hair pack is 100L by USED ABUSED

EYES: Angel Eyes Blue is 199L NEW by FLASHY

earrings not available 

MESH BODY: Physique Mesh Body 1250L by SLINK

HANDS: Dynamic Hands 850L by SLINK

LINGERIE: Analou Lingerie set, including pants &stockings in 16 color is FAMESHED X special item by BAIASTICE

FEET: Avhance Feet Female Mid 675L by SLINK

22 Aralık 2018 Cumartesi


SKIN APPLIER: Becca tan with hair base, make up and beauty mark option is 990L by ITGIRLS

HEAD: Visage Head Emma V2.3 by SLINK

EYES: by Jeslilo, not available

HAIR: Suri Hair pack 100L by USED ABUSED

OUTFIT: Monica Outfit is the NEw GROUP GIFT by [hh]

BODY: SLINK Physique Mesh Body by Siddean Munro

HANDS&FEET: Avatar Enhancement High feet and Elegant hands by SLINK

SHOES: Oxford Heels Physique Hourglass by SLINK

17 Aralık 2018 Pazartesi


SKIN APPLIER: tan Applier comes with hairbase, lip gloss and eyeshadow option 990L by ITGIRLS

MESH HEAD: Visage Mesh head Emma by SLINK by Siddean Munro

EYES: night eyes brown by Jesylilo (not available)

HAIR: Imis HAir all colors pack 100L by USED ABUSED

EARRINGS Angels&pearls earrings by PINK ACID&BLACK BANTHAM

MESH BODY: SLINK Physique Mesh body 1250L , AvENhancement hands Elegant also by SLINK

 GOWN: Halter gown (for Slink physique) is previous gift by *C0C0 DESIGNS* still available at the store also a new gift is out 😉

SHOES: Perugia Stilettos pack for SLink High Feet  only 10L by shey

MESH FEET: Avatar Enhancement Feet Female High 675L by SLINK

11 Aralık 2018 Salı


SKIN: Madalena Skin Pack For Lelutka heads is the Newest Release by USED ABUSED  I am wearing TEA tone and I am using a lelutka mesh head just to let you guys know.

LIP GLOSS: Lips Collection Red pack for lelutka heads by USED ABUSED

HAIR: Ariana Hair Essentails pack 300L by MINA HAIR

EYES: Natural mesh eyes pack 200L @ MARKETPLACE by IZZIE's

SWEATER&LEGGINGS: Pompom Sweater pack with pompom option on/off and leggings with color change option is only  avaliable @ the NEW round of COLLABOR88 by 

6 Aralık 2018 Perşembe


SKIN: Katherine Skin pack 650L, I am wearing Tone20, eyeshadow from make up pack (glitter eyeshadow)  by USED ABUSED

HAIR: Karee Hair not available by ELIKATIRA

HAIR ACCESSORY: Angels&Pearls Halo Crown by Stasey Oller Pink Acid & Black Bantham

EYES: Previous gift by IKON

DRESS: Fujiko Dress pack available @ the new round of Fameshed by BAISASTICE

FOOTWEAR: Lora Thigh High Boots pack also avaliable @ Famesed by BAIASTICE

4 Aralık 2018 Salı


SKIN: Penelope skin for Lelutka heads 450L as a pack, I am wearing tone 20. The eyeshadow and the lipstick belongs to Katherine make up pack for Lelutka HEads 350L by USED ABUSED

HAIR: Ciara is VIP group gift by TRUTH

EYES: Lucid Eyes Optimism is past group gift by IKON

JEWELERY: Party Jewellery set is available @ The Epiphany by  BAIASTICE

DRESS: Party lace gown is available @ the Epiphany by BAIASTICE

29 Kasım 2018 Perşembe


 SKIN: Penelope skin pack is 450L, Lips collection for Lelutka Heads 199L, Eyelasjes Set 1 for Lelutka heads 99L by USED ABUSED

HAIR: Tilemena Hair pack is 100L by USED ABUSED

EARRINGS: ANgels&Pearls earrings, Ring Stacks Set are by Stasey Oller [ Black Bantham ]

EYES: Vibrat eyes 119L by USED ABUSED

OUTFIT: LuleaSweater and Leggings with Styler Hud for each color, Hide/show options for leggings are Uber exclusives by  BAIASTICE

FOOTWEAR: Kimi boots in 18 colors with fringes on/off options, also available @ Uber New round by BAIASTICE 

26 Kasım 2018 Pazartesi


SKIN: Valerie economic pack is 450L for Lelutka heads, I am wearing tone 20, Lips collection (including orange lip colors I am wearing) for Lelutka heads 199L, Eyelashes pack for Lelutka heads is 299L by USED ABUSED

HAIR: Nadia hair is notavailable anymore but you can find new hair styles @ ELIKATIRA

EYES: Utopia EYes are previous gift by IKON

DRESS: Melina Dress DARKS pack including the collar neckalce is 100L by [hh]

SHOES: Myra Heels&socks black pack has now an amazing price of 99L a WOW offer 
by Hilly Haalan [hh]
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