5 Haziran 2012 Salı


She is Smart, Sexy , Dangerous and she is the head of the police department. Everybody even her partner @ the department and even the criminals she arrest,  is in love with her.. She is IRRESSITIBLE
Eva Skin in Summer Tone with make up options is NEW by ITGIRLS, 990L
and tell me she looks so familiar to you, doenst she? 
Is she Eva M.?
A Big thanks to Annie Joliefaunt, for her amazing new releases

Davina hair in Brown number 3 is 175L by ALLI&ALI

BLAZER: Blazer Fall Blue Mod/007 is NEW from Mesh Collection Part 2 by [ AMARELO MANGA ] , 350L

SKIRT: Skirt Fall Blue Mod/002 Blue is NEW by  [ AMARELO MANGA ] 200L

SHOES: Nikki Mesh Sandals are gorgeous by REDGRAVE HD SKINS, the prices of the pack changes 390L to 890L

CIGARETTE&COFFEE POSES: are only available @ CHIC 2 event which is for celebrating the 2nd birthday of CHIC MANAGEMENT, by STATUS POSES

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