16 Haziran 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN: Yolabalbina Skin in sunkiss is soo lovely by MODISH, it is the current deal on XChange4DEAL with %45 of discount. The regular price is 200L, now you can get this amazing skin for 110L

The Xchange4DEAL is an attractive way for sellers in Second Life
to offer their products and services to a large audience and generate high sales.
For a limited time the seller offers his discounted product at
Xchange4DEAL and gives a minimum number that must be achieved
to be able to avail of the discount.
The buyer benefits from the favourable prices.
Benefits at a glance:
The seller can generate high sales in a short period of time.
The seller gets the attention of more than 17,000 registered users.
The seller benefits from free advertising for his product through the daily newsletter from Xchange4DEAL.
The seller can win numerous new clients!
Placing a Default DEALs on Xchange4DEAL is FREE.
Only if the DEAL is successfully completed Xchange4DEAL will then get a part of the sales amount.
The offers are easier to find in comparison to the Second Life Marketplace, because they are only active for a limited time period.

HAIR: Rykiel Irish Red is 269L by LELUTKA

HAIRBAND: Wedding Headband Simple White Resize is 20L on marketplace by SU XUE

EYES: Grenada Eyes are june group gift by IKON, not available anymore

RING: Such a precious piece by CRYSTAL LINE Pure White ring which has 2 different versions; engagement and wedding also with the male version is NEW by CRYSTAL LINE, 1200L

DRESS: Such a lovely dress like the spring breeze Delice White also available in other colour options is CHIC2 EVENT exclusive item by TOMOTO, 380L

BRIDAL BOUQUET: Tropical Bridal Bouquet with hold animations both for the bride and the bridesmaids is FREE on marketplace

FEET: Bare feet comes FREE for the group members of COCO DESIGNS

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