1 Temmuz 2012 Pazar


 Malibu is a fully furnished ocena cottage with 167 prims and such a reasonable price of  299L by INVERSE.. You can have the most gorgeous summer holiday with this amazing house and dont worry if you are living on a skybox like me, you can still have your ocean and the waves with Landscaping Store (which opened a few weeks ago) of Inverse..
To have your own house, own ocean, own waves and rokcs... Yes this is your dream holiday
Malibu House is 299L

Small Ocean Waves are 49L 
Turquoise water Blue sea is 49L
Breakwater sea rocks are 89L 

All above and more waiting here

The most fantastic BBQ set ever done in Second Life! For everyday, with a great combination of soft and pastel fabrics for the BBQ, ubmbrella and all clothes but also special to celebrate this next 4th july with also a whole set of Independence day textures for everything. 
4th of July BBQ set is  a gorgeous set with fantastic pose and props both for singles and couples with low prim great for celebrating 4 of July Independence day or can be use as everyday BBQ set.. 
Dont miss the chance to enjoy the  4th of July with this amazing set, also available on marketplace, 1150L by APHRODITE SHOP

I'm wearing
SKIN:   Juliette in natural cream NEW by [ HUSH] SKINS

HAIR:  Garden Blonde pack 250L by ELIKATIRA

ACCESSORT SET: Wooden Bead Accessory set in Cyan 225L by IZZIE'S

OUTFIT:  Jeans Short and Tube top NEW 120L, by REDGRAVE HD SKINS

He is wearing: 

TOP: Men's Summer Mesh Shirt Open in Honeydew 185L by MASHOOKA DESIGNS

SHORTS: Boardshort charcoal is 155L by MASHOOKA DESIGNS


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