12 Temmuz 2012 Perşembe

Così delizioso...Così romantico

FCG and I had been thinking for a long time to run a bussiness together. We suddenly realised that we loved cooking together and the best thing we make is PIZZA... 
So we found this amazing Pizzeria Building by APHRODITE SHOP!

 FCG says his pizzas are inspired by me he even made a heart shaped pizza for me 
soo delicious and romantic

He is really good at making pizza!

 Well we havent had our first customers yet, since we didnt even find a name for our little Pizzeria Shop.
But it was a great experience to be the one who made the pizza and tasted it first..
How about a cold beer honey? you are really tired and you deserve a reward :))


The Aphrodite Pizzeria set including the building and all the objects inside with the animations, is 1750L

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