25 Ağustos 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN&SHAPE: Tonia is the new skin line by MYDEAR SKIN, gorgeous as usual, I am wearing medium tone make up number 5, 600L, the shape 600L the packs are 1200L each

HAIR: Riha Hair is NEW by ALLI&ALI, 175L

DRESS: Junie Mesh outfit is NEW by BUBBLEZ, 199L

SNEAKERS: Mesh classic Sneaks are on sale 50L, by DECO, all shoes are ON SALE (50L)

FURNITURE SET: The Harriet set is SPRUCE UP YOUR SPACE exclusive item by 
MUDHONEY DESIGNS, 150L ( the cat you see in the pics my own cat )

RUG: Rug Brown Shag winter is 55L by MUDHONEY DESIGN

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