28 Kasım 2012 Çarşamba


The Newborn Bella is not thirsty for blood, but for Edward's love and touch... 
Now they are enjoying their forever, they know it will never be enough!!!

BELLA VAMPIRE SKIN: Bella Vampire Skin pack including one glittering skin, 11 makeup options is NEW by REDGRAVE HD SKINS , 990L the shape 390L, they eyes 100L

EDWARD SKIN: Edward Pale Skin bundle also including a glittering skin is 990L, Edward Shape is 390L, EYES ARE 100L by REDGRAVE HD! SKINS

Bella outfits are by COLDLOGIC!; not Free

Tony Sneakers  grey are NEW 390L by  REDGRAVE HD! SKINS

Edward's Complete outfit is FREE for the group members of GIZZA CREATIONS

The Swing is FREE as a hunt prize of the current hunt @ *~ TWILIGHT DREAM ~* 
These are the last days of the hunt, dont miss the chance to get these awesome things for free..
All you have to do is to  become a member and enjoy the hunt 

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