23 Aralık 2012 Pazar


a blogger always should be ready no matter how snowy the weather is....

The bicycle I am riding is Limited Edition called "Blogger At Work", also available in 3 other styles and they are no vehicles, they are wearable items; they animate you and they also come with gifboxes and trans permissions for Christmas Gifting, 150L by WHAT NEXT

Laurel Cottage Unfurnished version is both available inworld and marketplace store 1500L

SKIN: Josette Skin is 1L by MOTHER GOOSE'S

HAIR: Alyssa III dye 4 pack is 49L on sale by MAGARI

TOP: Pratt in Plum is 425L by COLDLOGIC

PANTS: Louise Bells Jeans are only 10L by U.ONE, a great store sells mesh clothing for the cheapest prices

BOOTS: Bonnie Boots Cotton Night are 485L  by REDGRAVE

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