29 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi


The best thing about winter in sl is the designers' awesome poses&props and winter clothings to keep us warm; so that we can enjoy the season no matter how cold its outside...

SNOWMAN: Parson Brown Snowman is one of them, with 6 different poses for 2 avatars, it's the best thing for having fun of the cold weather, by WHAT NEXT , thank you Winter Thorn

BICYCLE: Christmastime Bicycle Pose Prop, not wearable but great for photography, is 150L by WHAT NEXT

SKIN: Tuesday Skin Fairy Ginger is TDR FUSION by ESSENCES, 70L

SHAPE: Jess Body Shape is NEW specially designed for Xmas by SOPHISTISHAPES

HAIR: Quirky essentials pack is 280L by ELIKATIRA

COMPLETTE OUTFIT: Nordica Navy including the whole outfit, hat and the boots is available in Nordica Pack that is on xmas promo by *B.D.R.* 399L whole colours

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