15 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN&SHAPE: Viola Pale Skin make up number 6 is 600L, the mod shape of Viola is 600L

HAIR: Chanel Blacks pack is 250L by DAMSELFLY HAIR SALON (From the new collection)

EARRINGS: Moderno earrings black are 100L by AMD

HANDBAG: Parisian Romance handbag set is 269L by MAGIC NOOK 
( the pack includes 5 colour)

OUTFIT: Igs 244 Nights Siverian Mink outfit is NEW by ARMONY  
( available in different mink options)

SHOES: Lilly Shoes in 3 colours is a pack 390L by REDGRAVE Shoes&Accessories

POSES: By PURPLE POSES packs are 100L, the single ones are 15L

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