15 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi


WALL DECOR& PILLOWS: Christmas Plates Wall Decor (75L), Snowman Guest Pillows (100L) are XMAS EXPO, RFL exclusive items by INSPIRED

TRAY: Christmas Chocolatier Drinks Tray with trans version ( you can give it as a gift) is TOGETHER FOR SWAY exclusive item by WHAT NEXT!

SKIN: Amelie Gentle ( also with two other skin tones) is TOGETHER FOR SWAY exclusive item by ESSENCES 400L

HAIR: Rebel Rebel Vanilia is FREE by ANALOG DOG

TOP: Soto Shirt Blue is 250L by COLDLOGIC!

LEGGINGS: Nordic Leggings blue red is VIP GROUP MEMBERS gift by IZZIE'S

BOOTS: Snow Mesh boots including 4 colours NEw by REDGRAVE 140L

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