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the best HALLOWEEN HUNT ever!!!

A few Days ago I had written a post about a sad love story, and mentioned the new HALLOWEEN SCENE @ FORKSİ *~ TWILIGHT DREAM~* by MENDACIA TREVES
Well, the Cupcake Queen and her talented event manager organised the 3rd HUNT with HALLOWEEN theme...
You might think all you will find candies, hats but there are more than these...
So many fantastic hunt prizes that will surprise you and you cannot buy for free...
Above you can see some of the hunt items, I would love to blog them seperately but I guess It would take a long time...
All the objects and furnitures you see are parts of the hunt and they are full of funny animation menu, which will no doubt add colour to your Halloween Celebration..
And These generous talented ladies ask for nothing in return, all the hunt prizes are free, all you should do is to become a group member and find the Halloween Candies!!!
Happy HALLOWEEN everyone!!
Let the hunt begin
30 Ekim 2012 Salı


 SKIN: Scorpio in her breathtaking beauty is NEW EXCLUSIVE item by ESSENCES, 
for Zodiac Event 200L

HAIR: Away Essentials pack is 280L by ELIKATIRA

ACCESSORY SET: Coffee Bean Jewellery set is FAIR EVENT exclusive by IZZIE'S

OUTFIT&BOOTS: Falling For Autumn outfit with Poncho and boots available is 150L by H.E.D

POSES: Reese Modelling Pack with 8 poses in it is 100L, and 15L for single poses

29 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi


SKIN: Donna is the newest beauty by MOJO SKINS, I am wearing Donna Cocoa number 4 which comes with mesh eyelashes, eye make up, eyebrow and chin shadow options, 890L, the fat packs are 4990L for each

HAIR: Away Essentials pack is 280L by ELIKATIRA

ACCESSORY SET: Bead and Gem Set wass CULTURE SHOCK 2012 exclusive item by KUNGLERS

HANDBAG: SatinClutch in black is 50L by *COCO* Designs

DRESS: Kiki Dress in Blue is from the new collection by MAAI, 350L

SHOES: Ermes Shoes in black is NEW by DONNA FLORA, 300L

POSES: Anita Modelling pack is NEW by PURPLE POSES, 100L, single poses 15L

28 Ekim 2012 Pazar


I have a sad, scary story for you today...

It’s about lovers who could never get together in this world because they belonged to different worlds.

The begining is so ordinary though,the girl being the daughter of a rich , honourable family and the boy being poor but proud. They fell in love and killed themselves when they realized this world would never let them unite....
So here the real story starts...

The legend says , some nights ; a single red rose is left on her grave by her lover ,who lays next to her, and she comes  out of her grave  to take that rose ...

And people hear her cry and witness  her desperate search of her lover...
All Happens at FORKS , Mendy’s  TWILIGHT DREAM
See it with your own eyes

FULL AVATAR: [ hush ] Skins released an amazing Halloween Avatar , including the skin, shape and the dress which I found it very creative and so unique... Alice - Haunted is waiting for you. 

HAIR: Romilly in black is This Week'S NEW release 
by DAMSELFLY HAIR SALON, 250l for each colour pack


 Another tiresome day, full of stress and you bring work to home...
Still you wear your undies and lay on your comfortable bed, hoping that this torture will be over soon.  With the last effort, you try to do your best to finish the work but suddenly you realise a move that distracts your mind...
Normally nothing can distract your mind, since you are focussed but it is possible for your boy friend's hot body...

SKIN: Donna Skin Line, sooo gorgeous, is the NEWEST SKIN LINE, by MOJO SKINS. I am wearing Donna, Cocoa tone, make up number 10, the pack is fantastic with hairbase and make up options and extra eyeshadow and cleavage options

HAIR: Thrive Essentials pack is 280L by ELIKATIRA

NAILS: Classic Nails pack is 199L by IZZIE'S

OUTFIT: Lazy Sunday complete outfit, BLACK ONLY, exclusive item by 1 HUNDRED, 100L

SHOES: Celina Shoes, including 12 colours in a pack is 690L by REDGRAVE

BEDROOM SET: Bed with single, friends and couple poses with props and the Stool with dance poses is CINEMA EVENT exclusive item by MUDHONEY

27 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN: Malia-Ana in Santafe  is NEW by INAYA SKINS, 1000L 

EYES: Utopia Eyes, Light Blue + Rust is past group gift by IKON

HAIR: Paige Vamps pack is 300L by ICONIC HAIR COUTURE

ACCESSORY: Tres Chic Jewellery Set in blue with glow, brightness and bling options is amazing by LAZURI, 400L

DRESS: Mesh Tunic is GALLOWEEN gift, free by DANDELIONWINE, The store now, has a sale; everything is 10L, dont miss it

SHOES: Celina Shoes, 12 colours in a pack is 690L by REDGRAVE

POSES: Fantastic modellinG poses, all by R.ICIELLI

THE LOCATION: The Photography was take @ *~ TWILIGHT DREAM~*, ISLE ESME
Twilight Dream is a Twilight Themed Sim , offering you everything related to Twilight Saga, 
and more. Follow Your Twilight Dream


SKIN: Malia-Ana Santafe is fantastic and new by INAYA SKINS, 1000L

HAIR: Alba CAfe Au Laints pack is 300L by ICONIC HAIR COUTURE

JEWELLERY: *FOLIA Jewellery set is CINEMA EVENT exclusive item by DONNA FLORA

DRESS: Such a fascinating style from ARMONY called Netla, available in New Arrivals Section, 290L

21 Ekim 2012 Pazar


SKIN: FAllulah Skin is TDR exclusive item by ESSENCES, 70L

HAIR: Rain in Onyx colour is 200L by ICONIC HAIR

CUFF BRACELET: is part of a wonderful jewellery set called Noor Mystic Infinity with glow, brightness and texture change options, is 450L by LAZURI

HANDBGAG: SatinClutch in silver is 50L by *COCO* DESIGNS

NAILS: Metallic Nails in fantastic colours,  is  199L by IZZIE'S

DRESS: "Diva" Disco Dress in Cyan with its sexy,glamorous style is NEW by MAAI

SHOES: Mesh Glam No heels pumps in silver is fabulous, 299L by PIA

POSES: Fabulous Modelling poses for your Photography is available @ R.ICIELLI, also on marketplace


I have to make this quick entry about this amazing, low prim, fully furnished house with fantastic animations called PASADENA , coz it's on sale for 48 hours which is only 99L now and you shouldnt miss it. The furniture all simple and elegant almost all having single, couple aimations, the loackable doors, light options, radio and security, Pasadena will be your DREAM HOUSE
by inVerse


SKIN: Fallulah Skin is 70L TDR exclusive by ESSENCES

HAIR: Break Browns pack is 250L by ELIKATIRA

TOP: Mesh Top SequinGlasses is 110L by REDGRAVE

SKIRT: Skirt Giles Cocoa is from the NEW collection by COLDLOGIC, available in lovely autumn colours

BOOTS: Studded Long Boots , 450L NEW by J'S

20 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN: Falulah Skin G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S is TDR exclusive, 70L by  TDR

HAIR: Queen Noir is 200L by ICONIC HAIR

GOWN: Ligia Lavender is the NEWEST release by AZUL, 800L

POSES: Mix pose pack  including 120 poses is 179L by R.ICIELLI


 SKIN: Bonnie Skin sunkiss Dk is Boho Culture Fair exclusive by MODISH SKINS

SHAPE: Shannon is xyroom exclusive by panda punx , 89L

HAIR: Fresh essentials pack is 280L by ELIKATIRA

TOP&PANTS: Slip on Top 100L and Comfy Yoga Pants 100L
are  BLACK ONLY event exclusives by 1 HUNDRED

FEET: Barefeet Group gift by COCO DESIGNS

Yoga Set  with nine poses is 10L available on marketplace

19 Ekim 2012 Cuma


SKIN:  KastaSpell chocolate is fantastic, 500L by MODISH SKINS

HAIR: Remi CAfe Au Laints pack is 300L by ICONIC HAIR

DRESS&NECKLACE: Alessia Dress and necklace come together in a pack and this elegant dress with its accessory is only available @ CINEMA EVENT by DONNA FLORA

SHOES: Lace Ribbon Sandals in purple, also in amazing colours, are 380L for each colour, 
a must have! by J'S

POSES: Wonderful poses by R.ICIELLI, 120 poses in abox for 179L, amazing!!

16 Ekim 2012 Salı


SKIN: Such a fabulous skin called Amanda comes a pack including pale and tan skin tones with make up options and eyebrow shape, only 49L by R.icielli

HAIR: Remi Obsidians pack is 300L by ICONIC HAIR

EARRINGS: Heart CL-D Earrings are NEW by CRYSTAL LINE, 150L

GOWN: Imogen Black with its amazing style is BLACKONLY Fashion event, where you will find only the exclusives of famous brands in black FROM 15th of October to 31th, by SASCHA'S DESIGNS

BLINDFOLD: Aveugle Diamond Studded Blindfold is not available anymore JE SUIS

15 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi


SKIN&SHAPE: Gabriela Light Skin with 6 make up options is SWAG event exclusive by 

HAIR: Indulge Essentials pack is 280L, by ELIKATIRA

JEWELERY: Earrings and bracelets are past sale items by LAZURI, the store is reopened and its full of amazing unique sets

NAILS: Metallic Nails are 199L by IZZIE'S

DRESS: Ester in red with its classy, sexy style is NEW by DONNA FLORA, 350L

SHOES: Victoria Pumps Beige also available in other colours, is NEW by PIA, 220L

POSES: Long Cigarette Pose pack, including the cigarette and 4 poses, is CINEMA event exclusive 

14 Ekim 2012 Pazar


SKIN&SHAPE: May Medium 6 BCup is 600L, May shape is 600L by MYDEAR SKIN

HAIR: Nanette Hair style is NEW by TAMELESS HAIR, exclusively designed for 

BRACELET: Miel Friendo bracelet is a gift from my BFF in sl Mendy :) lOVE YA MENDY

OUTFIT:  Jersey Bay Light Blue is NEW by BLUESTAR DESIGNS, avaialble in lovely colours, 185L

FEET: *COCO* Barefeet is a  group gift, dont forget to wear the group tag

POSES: By PURPLE POSES, 15L for each single poses
13 Ekim 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN&SHAPE: Fuyu Skin line is NEW by IZZIE'S, each tone pack includes, skins with cleavage options, shape and make up packs, 1170L

HAIR: Alba Cafe Au Laints pack is 300L by ICONIC HAIR

JEWELLERY: Such precious and unique pieces  with glow, bling and brightness options with color change menu called Noor Mystic Infinity, sold seperately @ LAZURI, Tiara is 500L, Choker is 600L, Earrings are 300L

GOWN: La Morte Duce is a unique gown exclusively designed for Halloween by :: pm :: PURPLEMOON CREATIONS, 495L (The claws included)


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