30 Kasım 2012 Cuma


 Annabell COMPELETE AVATAR (skin, shape, outfit, boots, hat, gloves and nails included) is 
XYROOM'S exclusive item by PANDA PUNX, the new round of Xyroom starts Tomorrow


SKIN&SHAPE: Megan Tan skin with make up options and its shape is 990L 

HAIR: LA Tortura is from the NEW collection by ICONIC HAIR COUTURE

NAILS: Metallic Nails pack is 199L by IZZIE'S

TOP: Intrigue Blouse is not free by SASSY!

SKIRT: Break skirt in black with its elegant style is FAIR exclusive item by  :: PM ::

SHOES: Cathy Shoes in 12 colours come as a pack by REDGRAVE

28 Kasım 2012 Çarşamba


The Newborn Bella is not thirsty for blood, but for Edward's love and touch... 
Now they are enjoying their forever, they know it will never be enough!!!

BELLA VAMPIRE SKIN: Bella Vampire Skin pack including one glittering skin, 11 makeup options is NEW by REDGRAVE HD SKINS , 990L the shape 390L, they eyes 100L

EDWARD SKIN: Edward Pale Skin bundle also including a glittering skin is 990L, Edward Shape is 390L, EYES ARE 100L by REDGRAVE HD! SKINS

Bella outfits are by COLDLOGIC!; not Free

Tony Sneakers  grey are NEW 390L by  REDGRAVE HD! SKINS

Edward's Complete outfit is FREE for the group members of GIZZA CREATIONS

The Swing is FREE as a hunt prize of the current hunt @ *~ TWILIGHT DREAM ~* 
These are the last days of the hunt, dont miss the chance to get these awesome things for free..
All you have to do is to  become a member and enjoy the hunt 

27 Kasım 2012 Salı


 She is not a human anymore,  She is the strongest Vampire ever coz she is a newborn...
Bella Vampire Skin Bundle including 11 makeups, 1 Glitter Skin,  is 990L, Bella Vampire Eyes are 100L including the eyelashes, Bella Shape is 390L by REDGRAVE HD SKINS

DRESS: Scarlett Dress [ Bodacious Blue ] is 150L by ZANZE HOC

SHOES: Shoes Nikki including 12 colours, 690L by REDGRAVE

The pics were taken @ FORKS, *~ TWILIGHT DREAM ~*
There is  a great hunt going on, dont forget to become a member and join the hunt; the Prizes are 

26 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi


SKIN: Wynter Skin was 50L for 50L FRIDAY sale by BELLEZA

HAIR: Steph II Streaked Brown is FREE as a hunt prize by ALICE PROJECT

JEWELLERY: All Glam Diamonds&Gems is 500L by LAZURI

             LIPGLOSS: Candy Bomb Lipgloss set is 99L by PINK ACID

GOWN: Rachel Blush Gown is SASCHA'S rl birthday celebration gift, for group members of 

25 Kasım 2012 Pazar


SKIN: Sade Cream Coalberry is NEW by [ HUSH ] SKINS

HAIR: Steph II Streaked Blonde is FREE by ALICE PROJECT as a hunt prize

OUTFIT: Myself 2 including the sweater and the skirt is NEW 199L by ARISARIS

SHOES: Multitextured Envy Shoes are 199L by ARISARIS


SKIN&SHAPE: Taylor Winter Rose - Cream is from the new collection by [ HUSH ] SKINS, 950L

HAIR: Arbor Mesh hair blonde pack is 250L by DAMSELFLY HAIR SALOON

OUTFIT&BOOTS: Breakdown in black is a complete outfit also includes the boots NEW 180L
by  BDR

HOUSE: CourMayeur full furnished animated winter Cottage is NEW 349L

HOLIDAY LIGHTS: Amalfi Holiday Strings Light Set is LAZY SUNDAY exclusive item for 75L

24 Kasım 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN: Black Friday Sale exclusive skin by JESYLILO

HAIR: Indulge essentials collection is 280L by ELIKATIRA

JEWELLERY: Serene Black Set is NEW by (( Crystal Line ))

HANDBAG: SatinClutch in black is 50L by *COCO DESIGNS*

DRESS: Anastasia Dress in Gold is exclusive item for AROUND THE WORLD event,  195L

SHOES: Lace Ribbon Sandals are 380L with gorgeous style by J'S

POSES: Kate&Keira pose packs ( poses are mixed) are NEW by PURPLE POSES
23 Kasım 2012 Cuma


COURMAYEUR full furnished animated winter cottage is the  NEWest Release by
INVERSE, Available for 99L only for 48 hours IntroPrice...
Fully furnished it's 286 Prims, you have the control for lights, security, music, windows... The furniture has fantastic animations menu both for couples and singles..
Dont miss the chance to have this cozy, low prim high quality house...

21 Kasım 2012 Çarşamba


SKIN: Maria Skin *Vivante Dark* MAke up 5 is 1500L as a pack, by ESSENCES

HAIR: Anish hair Black is 175L by ALLI&ALI

LIPGLOSS: Blood red is from the new pack Elegant lipstick, 99L by PINK ACID

JEWELLERY SET: Fabiola Set with colour change Hud is New 300L by DONNA FLORA

HANDBAG: Satinclutch black is 50L by *COCO*

DRESS: Such an elegant dress named Zayley available in fantastic colours, will be available very soon by ZANZE HOC

SHOES: This beautiful pair of shoes, called Nikki including 12 colours in a pack is on sale 289L 

20 Kasım 2012 Salı


Sooo Ladies and Gentleman and all Twilight Dreamers,
The 4th hunt has already started with amazing Hunt Prizes... 
The contributors have done such an amazing job; All the hunt prizes are Fantastic and they are all FREE; if you just put on your group tag and find all the hunt objects...
Here is the lm to HUNT STARTING POINT
Happy Hunting People :)

19 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi


SKIN&SHAPE: Julia Teal Noir Skin with 6 make up tone and her gorgoeus shape is NEW, 950L

HAIR: Irina Hair fat pack is MEMBERS ONLY GIFT by ICONIC

DRESS: Newport Sweater Dress is exclusive for THE BLACK MARKET event, 100L

SHOES: Envy Shoes with multitexture option is NEW by ARISARIS 

POSE: Reese Poses Pack is 100L  including 8 poses, also you can buy them seperately 15L each, by PURPLE POSES


SKIN&SHAPE: Megan skin tan bundle with the shape and make up options is 990L 

HAIR: Kurka with its unique style is 300L NEW by  ICONIC HAIR COUTURE

NAILS: Long French Nails, not free by IZZIE'S

DRESS: Such a lovely dress named Katherine is stunning with the combination of lace details and modern style, NEW 199L  by  ZANZE

SHOES: Lace Ribbon Sandals beige, are 380L by J'S

18 Kasım 2012 Pazar


SKIN: Xihe, light skin with other skin colours, is AROUND THE WORLD exclusive item 

HAIR: Nia  Cafe Au Laints pack also available in other colours, is NEW by ICONIC HAIR COUTURE

KIMONO: was FREE by CURIOUS KITTIES , not available anymore


FURNITURE: Asian Relaxation Set except for the Folding Secreen, is AROUND THE WORLD exclusive item by SWAY'S575L , The Folding Secreen is FREE for the visitors of ATW event :)


SKIN: Xihe light skin is Around The World event exclusive by  ESSENCES, 750L, you can also get matching lipstick set for 350L

 HAIR: Celeste Hair Coffee with its gorgeous style is FREE on marketplace by ALLI&ALI

NECKLACE: Heart Necklace wih colour change option is PERFECT WARDROBE exclusive item by IZZIE'S

OUTFIT&BOOTS: Rosalynn in red outfit with boots is NEW, 100L by H.E.D

POSES: Editorial poses by R.ICIELLI

the photography was taken @ TWILIGHT DREAM, FORKS while looking around, you can join the hunt  which will last till December 2nd with fantastic prizes

17 Kasım 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN: Maria Skin * Fraise Dark* clear, is from the new skin line, 1500L, fat pack is 6500L 

HAIR: Jessica Black Pearl pack is NEW and  250L by DAMSELFLY Hair Salon

DRESS: Fiora Pink dress available in lovely colours , is NEW by DEW, 200L

SHOES: Lilly Mesh Plateu Sandals available in 3 colours in a pack is NEW by REDGRAVE, 399L

POSES: Modelling poses by R.ICIELLI

3 Kasım 2012 Cumartesi


SKIN: Donna Skin in Cocoa make up number 3 comes as a pack from 1-5 and 890L by 

HAIR: Jordina Coffe Au LAints pack is 300L by ICONIC HAIR

NAILS: Long French nails with trendy colours is NEW by IZZIE'S

JACKET: Pale Blue Mesh Cardigan is the VIP exclusive group gift by GRAFFITIWEAR

SWEATER: Cableknit Sweater is FREE as Subscriber gift by GRAFFITIWEAR 

SKIRT: Blıe Teal Wine mesh skirt is NEW by GRAFFITIWEAR for 50L each colour

SHOES: Ermes Shoes in tan is NEW by DONNA FLORA


 SKIN&SHAPE: Megan skin gorgeous in her sexy skin tone and shape with the make up options, is 990L on marketplace by REDGRAVE HD SKINS

HAIR: Anish hair is the newest style by ALLI&ALI, Soo fantastic, 175L for each colour

JEWELLERY SET: Pigalle White set is Fashion limited item by DONNA FLORA

GOWN: Such an amazing gown so elegant and pure, comes as the 18000 member celebration gift by PURPLE MOON CREATIONS

POSES: Elegant poses pack include 6 fantastic poses by RICIELLI


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