12 Ocak 2013 Cumartesi


*~TWILIGHT DREAM~* is having the 5th hunt with fantastic prizes all free, all you have to do is to become a group member and find the apples hidden in the sim. Mendy has been working so hard lately to make the Twilight Dream the best, and the ground level looks perfectly perfect
While you are hunting the apples, take a look around but be careful, you might lose your way in the forest :) Happy Hunting

SKIN: Pale Skin Bella Bundle, including 10 make up, the shape, eyes, accessories, lipstick layers, is 1490L by REDGRAVE

HAIR: Kellilah Black pack is NEW DAMSELFLY HAIR SALON 250L

EYES: Brown Eyes, recent hunt prize by *~TWILIGHT DREAM~*

T-SHIRT: Clifdiving t-shirt for women is FREE as another hunt prize by *~TD~*

PARKA: is FREE for the group members of *COCO*

PANTS: Tapered pants Sepia is 250L by *COCO*

SNEAKERS: Tony Sneakers brown 390L by REDGRAVE

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