25 Mart 2013 Pazartesi


SKIN&SHAPE: Clover Skin&shape is SKIN FAIR 2013 exclusive by ESSENCES

HAIR: Rebel Remy Essentials is GORGEOUS, NEW by ICONIC HAIR

EYES: Night eyes Grey 200L by JESYLILO

LIPGLOSS: Witches Gloss&Teeth pack is NYC -Soho Sample- Sale event exclusive by PINK ACID

ACCESSORY SET: Rising is a unisex set including earrings 150L, necklace 350L by 

TOP: Gramercy leather corset black is 150L, SASSY!

PANTS: Wild cat Leather pants in white available in 6 different colors, NEW by INDYRA ORIGINALS 
395L as a pack

SHOES: Ms. Betty Coquette Noir, 395L by INDYRA ORIGINALS

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