22 Mart 2013 Cuma


 SKIN&SHAPE: Clover Skin line *sunkissed 01 and its shape SKIN FAIR 2013 exclusive by 

HAIR: Riot Pony Remy Essentials with its gorgeous style is FREE for the GROUP Members of
ICONIC, Thank you for this wonderful gift Neveah! :)

EYES: Night Eyes blue 200L by JESYLILO

LIPGLOSS: Silk lips&teeth deep BUDDY WALK donation item by PINK ACID

NECKLACE: Heart Necklace with color change option is past exclusive item for Perfect Wardrobe event 

TOP: Vale Shirt Apple is from the NEWEST SPRING collection of COLDLOGIC, 250L

SKIRT: Voores Blueberry skirt is NEW by COLDLOGIC, 225L

BEACH SCENE:Beach Den, Interactive Beach Scene with single and couple animations and with its low prims ,14 prims, 699L by STUDIO SKYE

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