30 Mart 2013 Cumartesi


SKIN&SHAPE: Opera 01 *Sunkissed* and its shape is  .: The Big Bo.obies Show :.  exclusive item by 
ESSENCES ( the event starts 1st of April )

HAIR: Jessica Chestnut pack is 150L by SIXTY NINE

HAIRBAND: Pearl Flow hairband is 100L by .charme

EYES: Night Eyes Blue 200L by JESYLILO

TOP: White Womens Studded vest &belly tee is XYROOM's April Round exclusive item ( the event will start 1st of April ) by .:SS:.

SKIRT:  Denim Skirt Easter is FREE as a gift by WERTINA

SNEAKERS: Tony Sneakers 3 colors in a pack is 390L by REDGRAVE

POSES: Beat pose packs are POSE FAIR 2013 exclusive items by *ED

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