3 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi


The New Theme of THE CHALLANGE is INDUSTRIAL and the designers have done an amazing job again, with their fabulous items. Lets take a walk!

This is my lovely industrial house, well in order to see it in bigger size, you need to click the pic, with its high ceiling and airy space; The Little Warehouse is THE CHALLENGE exclusive by 22769 [bauwerk] 259L

This is my silly bf, he is an architect and he thinks he can work, while I am staring at him with my inviting looks... FActory Desk box is THE CHALLENGE exclusive item by !! Follow Us !!

And this is our old broken F*ck Truck , THE CHALLANGE exclusive item by 
MISCHIGANS SHACK; I told you that he couldnt resist me!! And you all know where thing will end ;)
Of Course, to our INDUSTRIAL STYLE BEDROOM with single, couple animations and fabulous furniture pieces;  available @ CLEO DESIGN as the CHALLANGE exclusive

Both Avatars and clothes  are available @ REDGRAVE HD SKINS

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