29 Temmuz 2013 Pazartesi

DONT LET IT GO!!!!!! #2

It used to rain here, when I was a child, Now I am a teenager and it still rains...
Rain, snow,cold!!! I hate those words. I love Phoenix not Forks, But I exiled myself in this place....
I have no other choice but trying to smile to Charlie!

Here we go!! My room hasnt changed much.. except the sheets!!
"You like purple dont you?" Charlie asks, I answer

I know there are a lot of Twilight Fans in sl, mostly looking for the sims, to roleplay, explore and spend time: becuase its Never easiy to start a sim and afford it. Even decorating the sim is a hard thing to do. They close easily, becuase they are nonprofit sims, and the donations we make keep them running...
And the only twilight Sim in sl is CLOSING ITS DOORS, because there are no visitors and donations!
What I am asking you , from the Twilight Fans is to visit this magnificent sim, by CATWOMAN BEVERLY and show her that we dont want the sim to go! We have one week and I will do anything to let keep this sim alive!!

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